Smash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

thu04jan7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

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Come join us for Sync or Swim, the largest and longest running weekly Smash tournament in San Diego! Whether you’re new to the scene or you’re an experienced pro, you’ll have a blast! Learn more (including tournament rules and registration):


  • 5PM: Come and get some friendlies in! Feel free to come in even earlier though, we open at 10am!
  • 6PM: Get checked-in and warm up with some practice matches.
  • 6:45PM: In-person signups wind down. If you are arriving after this point or you’re going to be late, you must pre-register and post in #late-check-in at or there is a chance you will not be allowed into the bracket.
  • 7PM: Tourney begins! (More setups for friendlies become available throughout the night as we progress further on in bracket and need fewer setups to run all of the matches.)
  • 1AM: Post-event friendlies end/venue closes.


Please post in #late-check-in at Be sure to ‘react’ to the post in #choose-games-roles to give yourself the Smash role when you first join Discord.


  • 31 or fewer entrants will pay out through 3rd place: 50/30/20
  • 32 to 47 entrants will pay out through 4th place: 50/25/15/10
  • 48 to 63 entrants will pay out through 6th place: 40/25/15/10/5/5
  • 64 or more entrants will pay out through 8th place: 40/20/15/10/5/5/2.5/2.5

Example (64 players): 1st wins $128, 2nd wins $64, 3rd wins $48, 4th wins $32, 5th wins $16, 6th wins $16, 7th wins $8, 8th wins $8. Tournament payouts are via Venmo or PayPal within 24 hours.


Learn more (including tournament rules):

Be sure to join our Discord server and Facebook group for winners, photos and updates:


GameSync Esports Center

GameSync was founded in 2012, by gamers, for gamers.
7370 Opportunity Road, Suite G, San Diego, CA 92111

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