GameSync Esports Center

7370 Opportunity Road, Suite G, San Diego, CA 92111

Known as the “Mecca of Gaming” since 2012, we’re the first purpose-built 1 GIG fiber esports center in San Diego and a local tournament organization with events at 7PM most days. Grab a snack or drink and get your game on. Open late daily!

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Events at this location


fri01dec7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat02dec7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun03dec7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue05dec7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu07dec7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri08dec7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat09dec7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun10dec7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue12dec7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu14dec7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri15dec7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat16dec7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun17dec7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue19dec7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu21dec7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri22dec7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat23dec7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun24dec7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue26dec7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu28dec7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri29dec7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat30dec7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun31dec7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"


tue02jan7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu04jan7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri05jan7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat06jan7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun07jan7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue09jan7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu11jan7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri12jan7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat13jan7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun14jan7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue16jan7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu18jan7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri19jan7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat20jan7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun21jan7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue23jan7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu25jan7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri26jan7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat27jan7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun28jan7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue30jan7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"


thu01feb7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri02feb7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat03feb7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun04feb7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue06feb7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu08feb7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"

fri09feb7:00 pmFighting Game Fridays: "Synchronicity"

sat10feb7:00 pmSmash: "Sync up Saturdays"

sun11feb7:00 pmGranblue Fantasy Vs. Sundays: "ReSync"

tue13feb7:00 pmSFV Tuesdays: "Critical Sync"

thu15feb7:00 pmSmash Thursdays: "Sync or Swim"