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Camp Location:

GameSync Esports Center
7370 Opportunity Road, Suite G
San Diego, CA 92111


Daily: 8am – 11pm PST (GMT-7)

We’re based in San Diego, California

Select services are available globally

GameSync Camp

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Gaming Experiences for Everyone

Socially Distanced Parties

Join the newest craze: kids interact with the latest technology and get to play games with our amazing party hosts, along with their friends, anywhere in the country!

Virtual Birthdays

We offer a unique private party service for kids and adults. We also serve youth camps, YMCA, boys and girls clubs, schools, corporate team building, and more.

Esports Tournaments

From small groups to hundreds of participants, we handle all aspects of esports event planning & execution, and for a variety of popular game titles including Fortnite & Valorant.

Hybrid Parties

Combine a virtual event with guests together IRL (in real life) for a connected gaming experience. Great for inclusivity (for example: disabled kids or friends in other cities/countries).

Fortnite, Minecraft & RoBlox

We have dedicated specialists to the most popular kid’s titles and private Minecraft servers with custom mods and awesome features kids absolutely love!

Live Stream Broadcasting

Real-time, live streaming of your events with game commentary/analysis and custom branded in-game overlays, on a variety of platforms including Twitch.


Agragati Siegel


Founder and CEO of the GameSync family of companies, Agragati expanded to online tournaments after successfully running hundreds of events at his esports center, known as the “Mecca of Gaming” in San Diego, CA, and the first purpose-built arena in his city.

He has been featured on CBS-8 local news, KPBS radio & TV, Telemundo 20/NBC-7, as well as the San Diego Business Journal, the San Diego Union Tribune, San Diego CityBeat & more.

Agragati has crafted groundbreaking gaming events and experiences for customers such as Sycuan, FM 94-9 radio, Del Mar Fair at the San Diego County Fairgrounds and Fleet Week San Diego. He is also an esports center consultant, having served hundreds of business owners worldwide. See full bio.

Ryan Hawks

CMPC Instructor

Ryan is an NCCA accredited, certified mental performance consultant. He aims to empower every individual to find and pursue their passions so that they can reach their fullest potential. His philosophy of practice is rooted around Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed, and honed by his Masters in Sport and Performance Psychology at JFK University, which incorporates self-determination theory, mindfulness, and personal construct theory. Ryan has over six years experience in higher education, seven years of leadership experience, three years in social work, and four years in the performance enhancement field. His passion for community and peak performance translates into helping young people channel their gaming passion into academic excellence and personal achievement. Ryan also is CPR trained and certified.

Technical Specs

Cisco Catalyst WS-C3850-48F-S Managed SwitchYou’ll be playing on a supercharged gigabit speed (1,000 Mbps up x 1,000 Mbps down) business class 100% fiber-optic DIA (Dedicated Internet Access) connection for the fastest ping response. Bring your own gear and jack in to our network to game, update your favorite titles, stream, and more! Or use our gaming systems.

Our room is wired with low-latency network cable and fully validated termination.  Our firewalls and switches are managed, corporate-level appliances that we optimize for gaming. Some of the backbone technology that we’ve invested in our network includes multiple Cisco Catalyst switches (48 ports, Layer 3, managed, stackable) and a secure firewall appliance.

We feature purpose best-in-class gear for PC usage:

  • Headset: HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro. Quality sound reproduction with accurate mids and bass, Dual Chamber Drivers for more distinction, noise cancellation mic
  • Keyboard: HyperX Alloy Elite (RGB) Keyboard. Cherry MX Mechanical Switches and full Anti-Ghosting and N-Key Rollover
  • Mouse: HyperX Pulsefire Surge. Perfect tracking with native DPI up to 16,000, adjustable polling rate, RGB, programmable buttons
  • Mousepad: HyperX FURY S Pro.  Precision gaming surface. Seamless material for pixel-precise targeting and tracking with rubber textured underside
  • Monitor: BenQ 27″ or 32″ curved 2ms LED backlit 144hz. Large, immersive panel for unbelievable response time. Hand-calibrated for accurate image that matches original source content


Next generation Playstation 5 with 144hz or better display.


Selected from our decades of custom computer building and repair experience, our stations are continuously being upgraded as the technology improves. All hardware uses latest OEM drivers.

    Thanks to our partnership with DX Racer, we carry the latest model of their popular “racer” gaming chairs:

    • Ergonomic design which includes a headrest cushion & lumbar cushion to additional support and added comfort
    • Breathable material which feels very much like a race car
    • Extra high backrest to support the neck and spine
    • Flexible seat back with adjustment
    • 90 degree 4D adjustable armrests to protect shoulders and wrists
    • Inlaid Color Bar base with 3″ casters, multi-functional mechanism

    Save 10% off any DX Racer product with coupon LAN-GAMESYNC. Learn more.

    Our design aesthetics and principles give us the opportunity to offer a clean, fresh experience to arena participants. Everything was built from the ground up just for gaming.

    • Electrical: dedicated, redundant 110volt 12 gauge electrical wire with power conditioners and backup power supply systems.
    • Circuits: One dedicated 20 amp circuit per three stations
    • Room materials: constructed using sound dampening materials to reduce vibration and external noise
    • Cooling and ventilation: “green” energy-efficient HVAC system with wifi thermostat, new duct work and vents strategically placed to provide perfect airflow
    • Design: A fully realized 3-D rendering was created using special software. The virtualized model guided every aspect of construction

    Our own on-premise dedicated servers are perfect for a multi-player environment: speed is near instant, especially when compared to public Internet servers which are often overcrowded and sluggish. Public servers can also host malicious players whose only goal is to ruin the experience for others or are tainted with inappropriate, distracting language. Our private servers are safe and we have complete control. We can even issue special commands to enhance the in-game experience for players.

    Voice servers are a perfect way to get the in-game communication going. We support and use Discord with our own private server.

    In the future, we will expand to include a broadcast room for live streaming of events. We will also invest in an on-premise SSD server. Game stations will become diskless and instead will load their operating systems from one single image on the server over the network. All games will updated simultaneously reducing wait time and bandwidth.  Load times will decrease (a sata 3 hard drive read/write speed is 600mbs vs. a LAN which is 1000 mbs). A redundant backup server will provide hot-swap capability in the event of an outage. Server specs will include:gamesync_broadcast_room_floor_plan_568x423

    • 6 x 3TB raid 10 hard drives (read times are 2gbs / second)
    • 8 core processor
    • 6 NICs: 1 for internet, 5 for load balancing
    • 2TB SSD (game disk)
    • 1TB SSD (load balancing)
    • Dedicated SSD for popular games (such as League of Legends) to reduce requests
    • Hot-swap power supplies

    Additional Services We Provide

    Hybrid Events

    Events that happen both in-person and online are easy to scale up and down quickly, and can be adapted to entirely virtual if needed.

    Media Production

    GameSync Studios is an independent production company for esports. We cover the gaming world and create compelling, engaging content and stories that matter.

    Birthdays & Private Parties

    We host and manage virtual birthday parties and events of all sizes, for kids and adults. Great for graduations, Churches, YMCA, Boys & Girls clubs, fundraisers, non-profits, schools & after-school programs, corporate team building and more.

    Have Questions? Call 858-461-9497

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