Video Game Summer Camps For Kids & Teens


An immersive, social experience using gaming to make learning fun! We focus on inclusivity, cooperation, goal setting, motivation, pursuing academic excellence, and more.

Our Learning System: Powered by Games

When people do something they love, they are more likely to listen, absorb, and engage. We use kids & teen’s passion for gaming as a hook into our Game-Learn-Grow™ system. We seamlessly integrate self-improvement skills like goal setting and healthy habits that can translate into all facets of life.

We Focus On:

An Inspiring Experience

We’re more than just a camp: our immersive program, located at our purpose-built digital performance center, is a chance for your child to come face-to-face with others who share their interests, all in an encouraging setting that excites them for the future.

Gamers Served Since 2012

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Dedicated 1:1 Console

Each camp participant gets access to their own assigned gaming system to use for the duration of their stay. We feature next gen Sony PlayStation 5 with popular titles and pre-installed DLC content (such as new levels, characters, or skins) for popular titles.

Pursue Passion & Excellence

Our approach encourages children to embrace what they are passionate about and helps them to realize that this helps fuel performance excellence. They can then transmit the lessons over to other facets of their lives, both now and in the future.

Get Inspired!

At its core, our camp is about inspiring youth. The performance enhancement skills we teach show them that the sky is the limit in terms of their potential, both in and out of gaming.


Pathways to College & a Career

Attention parents: our program offers a pathway to academic endeavors! Our ecosystem includes academic, social/emotional learning programs that cover so many aspects, such as:

  • Broadcasting & media: cameras, lighting, video production & editing
  • Performance-based skills: streaming, casting, making videos or podcasts
  • Marketing skills: brand identity, social media content, engagement
  • Hospitality & tourism: event planning, coordination & execution, customer service

We Work With Gamers Who Play on Any Systems/Devices:


Channel Passion!

It’s Time to Leverage Your Child’s Love of Gaming for Learning & Growth

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